Free Sample Genealogy Excel Spreadsheets

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While working on my family tree I try to keep things organised by using Excel spreadsheets to compliment my Legacy database.

Recently I restructured the spreadsheets to make them clearer and easier to understand, then I got to thinking..what if something happens to me and nobody understands the spreadsheets?

With this in mind I started to document the spreadsheet within the actual spreadsheets themselves. Then I got to further thinking that maybe other people would like to use these for their own research notes? So here they are!

Basically there are two spreadsheets that I use (Click the image to download the actual spreadsheet):-

Sample of the census spreadsheet
One that holds census research notes

Sample of the family spreadsheet
and one that holds GRO record notes.

Both spreadsheets contain code to make adding new family worksheets easier and for sorting the worksheets alhphabetically. They will also auto adjust the columns to fit the entered text, therefore they are MS Excel 2007 workbooks.

All macros and code are entirely 100% safe and do nothing more than simplify the addition and organisation of the spreadsheets.

To add a new worksheet you press ctrl and m. To sort the worksheets you press ctrl and s.

If you want to tinker around with the default headings etc. you will need to 'unhide' the '$$Code' worksheet, make your changes and then save the worksheet. Existing worksheets will remain uneffected but all new spreadsheets will use your new style.


Do not delete the $$Code worksheet or you will have to manually add any new family worksheets!

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